Zoe Grace Salon Project


zoe-grace-salon-websiteZoe Grace Salon out of Fort Mitchell, Kentucky, is run by Ella King, who had her site on Wix for some time. With the grand opening of her new salon, Ella wanted to increase SEO to attract the best talent she can find. This is a multiphase project.

Phase One was to get the site moved over from Wix to WordPress with the same general layout and features so that we can launch SEO initiatives (Phase Two) on the WordPress platform. Phase One proved to be a tremendous challenge. Wix duplicates images in their library and renames them to gibberish filenames like “4249f1_20c0adf717794dd0b87c523693533690-3.jpg.” There were 5,000 images upon conversion. After cleaning them up, we are down to 1,300, all of which are now sized and named for optimization and kept in an Adobe Lightroom library. This helps with SEO by speeding up the site and having descriptive filenames. It also makes backups much lighter.

We also brought over 42 pages and 72 posts from Wix. Like the images, the content was loaded with gibberish and divs that needed to be cleaned up. Once that was completed, we applied some light design touches to the site. A true makeover in design is saved for a future phase because SEO is key right now.

I like to think we are at the fun part now – optimizing the site for SEO and increasing traffic and conversions!