Miracle of the Sea Project

Miracle Skin Solutions – The Healing Power of Marine Science

Miracle Skin Solutions – The Healing Power of Marine ScienceDr. Eric Lewis, the client behind the Miracle of the Sea e-commerce website, had a very specific design requirement. Rather than display products and speak to their benefits, he wanted to explain the science behind the products. We segmented the solutions by category, such as age related skin issues, wound healing, acne scars, and more. Each area drives the user to pages that discuss the condition, the relevant product, and the science behind the solution.

The site offers case studies to the public and a private membership area for doctors. Other features include a Refer A Friend program for all users and an Affiliate Program for professionals who want to resell the product.

This architecture took about two months as requirements changed over time but the end result is exactly what Dr. Lewis was looking for.

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