Urgent Site Project

Urgent Pets on Death Row old website design screenshot

Urgent Pets on Death Row old website design screenshotAugust 2012: Developed website for Urgent Pets on Death Row, 501(c)3 charity in New York, focused on advocating for the NYC shelter animals.

Started with client’s old Joomla site for Urgent Death Row Dogs, exported necessary data and created new WordPress site for new company.

Urgent focused on the death row dogs of NYC Animal Care and Control (ACC) until May 2012, when they merged the death row cats of NYC ACC into their organization. Developed website to accommodate both dogs and cats as well as the general needs of a 501(c)3, including donations, online forms, and the clear dissemination of information.

This site uses a highly customized theme along with key plugins to insure secure but complete compliance with client’s requirements.

This site also has an e-commerce component and a lot of custom graphics and photo editing.