NY Dog Adopt Website

NY Dog Adopt is a volunteer organization created by Liz Keller, founder of Rescue Dogs, Rescue Soldiers, to assist people in the tri-state area with dog adoptions. You can view the website here.

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Seventh Heaven Rescue

screenshot of Seventh Heaven Rescue WordPress Site

Seventh Heaven Rescue is a small rescue in Syracuse, New York, formed by Jana and Steve Reiss. This rescue was formed in memory of a sweet little pibble named Seven, whom they rescued and loved for years before he passed. This website will help Seventh Heaven Rescue to save more animals like Seven, and raise…

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Dog Commander Redesign & Expansion of Services

screenshot of Dog Commander WordPress Site

Dog Commander, Robert Kornfeld, reached out to me recently to say that he’s expanding his services in the area of dog training, boarding, canine workshops, and educating dog owners on how to “read” their dogs to form a stronger bond. Robert has connected with a former partner from the East Hartford, Connecticut Police K9 Unit, Bill…

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Cape Cod Canine eCommerce

screenshot of Cape Cod Canine WordPress Site

Mary Hannigan has the most beautiful Bullmastiffs and is a trusted resource when it comes to feeding pets a raw diet and overall pet care. Mary distributes raw food products from a variety of local sources on the Cape. In 2014, we did a website for Mary which was primarily like a yellow page listing…

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Heaven Can Wait NY Animal Rescue Website

Heaven Can Wait NY Rescue Screenshot

Heaven Can Wait is a small animal rescue group in New York who needed a website to complement their Facebook page. I set up some Donate buttons for one-time donations and for recurring donations to make it easier for supporters to help the animals. The business owner, Ruth, created this rescue group in memory of…

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SNARR Northeast Makeover

SNARR Northeast WordPress Site screenshot

SNARR Northeast Website Makeover, White Plains, New York | Bolddogge Interactive I wanted to re-do the SNARR Northeast website because it was originally done in a super short timeline so it could be ready for a TV spot this rescue group had at the time. It was functioning fine but I wanted to move it onto…

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