Colleague Recommendation From Anne Rocco Pacione Project

I have known Julie since 2007, when I worked with her at Moore Stephens Business Solutions. Julie’s ability to be a critical thinker and to solve problems under intense pressure enabled her to be successful. She has both a strong work ethic and strong opinions, yet is professional and respectful to those with whom she works. Her ability to logically approach problems to reach a resolution gained her wide respect.

Another one of Julie’s major strengths is having the ability to prioritize initiatives to meet timelines. She was expected to anticipate client requirements, in addition to any potential risks and problems. Julie continually met and exceeded clients’ expectations, enabling her to move up the ranks from a sales position to Senior Vice President of Client Services.

Julie displays the highest level of trustworthiness and integrity. She is rational in her judgments and practical with her decisions. I firmly believe that Julie would be remarkable asset to any organization.

Anne Rocco Pacione, Executive Director of Infrastructure at St. John’s University

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