Welcome 1st Quarter 2015 Clients Project

SNARR Northeast

We’ve had a super busy start at Bolddogge this year. We’ve added three new clients and did a major rework for an old client. Here’s the low down…

Career LogicCareer Logic’s Naomi Koller is an amazing resource for college grads or those transitioning  careers. Based in Chappaqua, New York, Naomi can meet with you in person or via Skype if you’re not local.

SNARR NortheastSNARR Northeast “gives hope to the hopeless” by saving and caring for animals who are the toughest to place due to serious medical conditions. If you are looking to foster or adopt, look up SNARR Northeast based in White Plains, New York.

urgentpodr-scnshotUrgent Pets on Death Row, Inc wanted us to completely re-do their old website in such a way that they could remove their dependence on Facebook for daily operations. This was a major project. You can find more about saving a NYC shelter animal on their website.

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